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About Me

I am passionate about bridging gap between the company and the user by creating and testing usable digital products.  I believe that when people do not understand design, then there is nothing wrong with them, it is the design that needs to go right.


I am originally from India and have done my Masters in Information System from the University of Melbourne. I understood I would like to take UX designing as my career when my UX assignments were fun, and I always went beyond the requirements to learn and explore the UX topics more.

During my University, I have done various internships and freelancing work. I was soon after finishing my studies, I was offered a contracting job as a designer in a start-up and since then my designing career has been blooming.

I also take up Askable projects as a researcher and explore different aspects of UX.


The time I am not designing, I am usually cooking, travelling, reading, or dancing. I enjoy Indian classical dance and love trying new dishes. I am also into graphology and love to use my spare time in learning more about it. I love to help international students settle in and provide the basic help that I can, as I understand the pain of being an immigrant to a new country.


I aspire to speak in Ted-ex and various conferences on design and conduct multiple networking events to help create awareness of importance of design and why do each company need a designer.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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